Trump Signs Major Defense Bill Into Law with Priorities for Georgia

( - Georgia’s junior U.S. Senator, David Perdue, and a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, made comments about President Trump signing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law Monday:

“President Trump signed the defense bill that will deliver the tools our armed forces need to protect Americans at home and abroad. President Trump has shown he is committed to modernizing our capabilities and ensuring the United States has the strongest military in the world. Earlier this year, Secretary Mattis started the first audit of the Department of Defense in history. This review will make sure the Pentagon’s resources are spent responsibly as our women and men in uniform combat evolving threats around the globe. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a member of the select Conference Committee that finalized this defense authorization, I am very pleased that Congress is backing up President Trump’s commitment to rebuild our military.”

Senator Perdue’s provisions address a range of issues from bringing new missions to Georgia’s military community and safeguarding U.S. military technology to improved base conditions and medical care for service members. Here are some highlights:

  • Expedites New Mission To Georgia: Provides funding for the new Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS), which gives our military the capability to access both restricted and non-restricted airspace. The Air Force has announced that ABMS will be hosted at Robins Air Force Base.

  • Accelerates Advanced Battle Management System: Accelerates funding for the development of new and critical technologies for the Air Force’s Advanced Battle Management System at Robins Air Force Base.

Extends JSTARS: Prohibits the retirement of any aircraft in the JSTARS fleet, provides funding for full manning, maintenance, and operations for the full fleet for FY19, and creates a plan for the next ten years. It also secures funding for critical upgrades to enhance the operability and service life of the fleet.

Re-wings A-10 Aircraft: Secures an additional $65 million for the re-winging of A-10 aircraft, some of which are based at Moody Air Force Base.

  • Upgrades C-130 Aircraft: Expands support for legacy C-130 aircraft with an additional $129 million for engine upgrades and $154 million for propeller upgrades which will be done at Robins Air Force Base.


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