Decatur Aims to be First Georgia City to Remove Confederate Monument

(AJC) - Decatur, if allowed by state law, could be among the first Georgia communities to move a Confederate monument.

The City Commission recently voted unanimously to approve a resolution to remove a roughly 30-foot-tall obelisk from its city square. The catch, however, is that the monument, located behind the former DeKalb County Courthouse, is owned by the county.

There’s also the matter of a state law that appears to prohibit such monuments from being “relocated, removed, concealed, obscured, or altered in any fashion.”

A critical clause in the Decatur resolution addresses both those issues, supporting “action by the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners, when so authorized,” to move the monument to another location within the county.

DeKalb’s Commission has been noncommittal on the subject, at least until Tuesday. After a morning meeting, County Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson announced on Twitter that she will introduce a resolution, probably on Oct. 10, calling for the monument’s removal.


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