Cherokee County Teacher Berates Student for Wearing Trump 'MAGA' Shirt

(FOX NEWS) - A Georgia school district apologized after a teacher compared President Trump's slogan to a Swastika and told a student they could not wear their #MAGA shirt to school any more.

"You cannot wear a Swastika to school - you cannot use a slogan like that," the teacher told the student.

The directive was caught on what appeared to be another student's cell phone video, which was obtained by Turning Point USA.

The Cherokee School District outside Atlanta later apologized, saying the student did nothing wrong and that the teacher acted "inappropriately."

The school did not formally identify the teacher, but Turning Point alleged that she is Lyn Orletsky, a mathematics instructor.

Town Hall pointed out Trump is not the first American president to use the phrase in a public way, adding that teachers in the 80s and 90s had no problem with Presidents Reagan and Clinton using it.


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