Republican Assembly Focuses on Religious Liberty, Candidates

(Newnan Times-Herald) - There was a chord of dissatisfaction with the status quo that ran through the meeting. Audible murmuring could be heard during mention of vetoes of Republican-passed bills by Gov. Nathan Deal, himself a Republican. Numerous speakers talked about passing a religious liberty bill, offering school choice and protecting gun rights.

The banner in the center of the flag-decked stage read “GRA – Georgia Republican Assembly – The Republican Wing of the Republican Party.”

State Sen. Hunter Hill, a candidate for governor, had a strong following at the assembly. Dozens of Hill signs lined the roadway and driveway leading to the church. When he stepped to the podium, signs in support were waved by members of the audience.

“There is so much more we can do to move the conservative agenda forward and help the state meet its full potential,” said Hill, a West Pointer who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hill said he advocates smaller government and the elimination of state income tax. “It’s obviously not easy or it would have already been done.”

He also advocated school choice and staked out an anti-abortion position. “We have to protect the unborn. We have to move the needle closer to conception,” he said. Hill also said that, as governor, he would deny state funds to any sanctuary city offering aid to undocumented immigrants.


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