State Sen. Michael Williams Becomes 4th Candidate in Ga. Gubernatorial Race

(Forsyth County News) - Forysth County’s state senator has put his name in the hat to ask Georgians to make him their next governor in 2018.

Michael Williams, a Republican whose District 27 spans the majority of Forsyth, announced Thursday via a mass email he will seek the state’s top job based on a campaign of “radical conservative reform and opposition to politics as usual.

”That mindset is what he has openly supported since stepping into the political spotlight in 2014. The Forsyth County businessman, Mormon and two-term state senator has boasted often that he spent $300,000 of his own money to edge out incumbent Jack Murphy in the conservative stronghold of Forsyth.

“Voters are tired of the political games and the false promise of career politicians,” he said in the mass email. “People want someone willing to take a stand for what they believe, someone who will relentlessly pursue fearless conservative reform.”


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