Rep. Hice, Georgia's Last Holdout On Health Care Bill, Now On Board With New Draft

When House Republicans unveiled the American Healthcare Act, contemptuously dubbed 'Ryancare', earlier this month strong objection arose on both sides of the aisle. Among House GOP members, it was most notably the Freedom Caucus that stood in opposition to the bill, thereby depriving it of the necessary votes to pass.

The Freedom Caucus made headlines again when reports surfaced late last week indicating that almost all of its 31 members are in support of the most recent form of the legislation currently in development.

Following the release of the original AHCA bill, Rep. Jody Hice (D-10) quickly made himself known as the only Georgia congressman in opposition to the legislation.

However, the office of Rep. Jody Hice, who is Georgia's only representative in the Freedom Caucus, is now commending his Republican colleagues in the House on what he sees as an improved version of the bill.

The press release reads:

"“Without question, no one is more committed to repealing Obamacare than I am. I’ve fought since day one to roll back Obamacare’s government takeover of our health care system. After a full evaluation, countless meetings and negotiations, input from my constituents, and with the addition of the MacArthur Amendment, I will be supporting the American Health Care Act.

“I commend President Trump, Vice President Pence, Speaker Ryan, and my colleagues for keeping the lines of communication open, which has ultimately led to a better bill. Due to our collaborative work, the AHCA now immediately eliminates Obamacare taxes that would have otherwise remained, creates a work requirement for adult able-bodied recipients of Medicaid, includes the Palmer Amendment to ensure affordable coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions, and drives down premiums and costs for all Americans across the board.

“The MacArthur Amendment empowers states to seek and obtain waivers from Obamacare’s premium-spiking mandates and takes steps to rid the health care law of its most costly provisions.

“While the battle for a full repeal is not over, implementing conservative provisions that keep the legislative process focused on free-market, patient-centered health care, lower costs for consumers, and provide greater access to care for all Americans is a victory. I will continue to search for solutions that offer more relief for hardworking American families, and we will work with our Senate colleagues to further improve the AHCA and deliver on our promises.”

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