2017 Legislative Session Highlights

With the 2017 legislative session drawing to a close, a number of House and Senate Bills have found both hope and defeat on the floor of the General Assembly. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the high-profile bills are stuck in committee, and which bills found their way to the Governor’s desk.

· HB 37 bars public funding from any college or university that refuses to enforce federal immigration laws.

· HB 51 requires school employees to report possible sexual assault allegations to law enforcement, essentially bypassing school disciplinary hearings.

· HB 61 would require e-retailers in the state to collect sales taxes or report sales to the Department of


· HB 65 would expand the list of conditions that qualify for treatment involving medical cannabis.

· HB 118 would regulate and tax fantasy sports websites. This bill is still in Senate Committee

· HB 146 would allow firefighter access to special health insurance plans that cover expenses from work-related cancers

· HB 156 would allow individuals to carry concealed weapons without a concealed carry permit.

· HB 273 would require public schools to have daily recess for grades K-5. This bill is still in Senate Committee

· HB 280 would allow gun permit holders to carry concealed weapons on certain areas on the campuses of public colleges and universities.

· HB 452 would require the GBI to create and maintain a website listing illegal immigrants that have been released from federal custody into the state.

· SB 5 would increase the amount of money the Georgia Lottery provides for HOPE scholarship and pre-K programs.

· SB 17 nicknamed the ‘Mimosa Bill” would allow local governments to permit restaurants to serve alcohol on Sundays beginning at 10:30 a.m. This bill is still in Senate committee.

· SB 79 allows for two “destination resort” casinos in the state. This bill is still in Senate Committee.

· SB 85 would permit craft beer brewers to sell directly to consumers.

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