Rep. Jody Hice Still Not Sold On AHCA

( - Some Freedom Caucus members previously said the original bill left too much of Obamacare’s architecture in place and did not scrap the law’s Medicaid expansion quickly enough. Others worried the bill’s refundable age-based tax credits would create what is essentially a new federal entitlement program.

Hice through a spokeswoman said he wants to review the exact text of the new compromise before he makes any final decisions:

“While I have some concerns with this bill in its current form – chief among them being its impact on older Americans and continued federal government interference – I remain hopeful that we can advance a practical, market-driven health care plan that will reduce costs for American families. This revised health care proposal stemming from deliberative negotiations, including the manager’s amendment, will come to the House Floor this week, but my goal remains the same: Putting patients back in the driver’s seat and offering greater choice and competition for all Americans.”

Republicans are under immense pressure to back the party’s repeal-and-replace effort. Trump, Speaker Paul Ryan and many others staked significant political capital on campaign promises to scrap the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a GOP alternative.


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