D-6 UPDATE: GOP 48.3% - Dems: 43.8%

(zpolitics) - Over the past month Democratic congressional hopeful Jon Ossoff has jumped 9 percentage points in the race for Georgia's Sixth congressional District, according to a new zpolitics/Clout poll.

The poll revealed that while Ossoff, Handel, and Gray are still positioned securely in the top three, the Dem/GOP disparity has widened in favor of the Democrats.

In mid-February Ossoff, Handel, and Gray polled 32%-25%-11% respectively. The same field is now polling at 41%-16%-16% respectively.

Overall, the Republican field maintains a definitive, yet diminished lead. Over the past month the GOP-Dem difference has gone from 38.7%-31.7% to 48.3%-43.8%.

Read the poll in detail HERE››

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