Local Republican Leaders Defend Trump's Executive Order Suspending Visas

President Trump's recent executive order suspending visas and immigration benefits to nationals of seven Middle Eastern counties was met with ample amounts of scorn from left-leaning politicians and protesters in Georgia over the weekend. Among the local opposition were Atlanta Mayor Kaseem Reed and Democratic Congressmen John Lewis and Hank Johnson. Their critical objections, however, did not come without Republican rebuttal.

Bruce Levell, a Georgia native who serves as the head of Trumps's diversity coalition, responded saying that "For the last 8 years, radical liberals have weakened out borders, made deals with terrorists countries and jeopardized American security interests." He then went on to defend the Trump's executive action defending it as "exactly what our nation needs to ensure that radical Islamic Terrorism finds no safe harbor on American soil."

Levell was not alone in his sentiments. Rep. Rick Allen (Ga. district 12) and Rep. Buddy Carter (Ga. district 1) also spoke in defense of the order describing it as "smart and necessary".

Despite being labelled as a "Muslim ban" by many major media outlets, the executive order only applies to roughly 16% of Muslims worldwide. Furthermore, the 7 nations listed in the order do not include the top 5 countries with the largest Muslim populations. It has also been noted that the term 'ban' is misleading since the order suspends the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days.

Read the executive order in full HERE››

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