Gen. Mattis to Sen. Perdue: Federal Debt is the Greatest Threat to National Security

On Thursday Jan. 13th, Georgia's Junior Senator David Perdue participated in General James Mattis' confirmation hearing for Secretary of Defense.

Leading off his line of questioning, Sen. Perdue asked the retired General if he felt that federal debt is the greatest threat to national security, to which the General replied, "I do, sir".

Sen. Perdue went on to question how Gen. Mattis would guide the growth of the military is "every dime [he] spends as Secretary of Defense if Fundamentally Borrowed".

"We cannot solve debt on the backs of our military alone. This is why I support strongly the Congressional leaders that are trying to repeal sequestration, the Budget Control Act, to ensure that we put the Congress back into a position to prioritize where this money's being spent. I consider it an abrogation of our generation's responsibility to transfer a debt of this size to our children."

Watch the full Confirmation Hearing HERE››

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