Ga. Sec. of State Slams DHS Election Involvement as 'Blatant Overreach'

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp recently took to Facebook to decry the Department of Homeland Security's designations of election systems as 'critical infrastructure'. The move, he claims, is yet another step by the Federal Government aimed to control the electoral process. Kemp asserts that control of election systems are instead reserved exclusively by the states.

The comments come after months of increasingly chilly exchanges between Sec. Kemp's office and the DHS. It was only in early December that Sec. Kemp revealed that someone at the DHS had attempted, unsuccessfully, to hack Georgia's voter registration system. Sec. Kemp sent a letter of inquiry to the DHS concerning the matter. The DHS, in response, claimed that it was simply a contractor of theirs performing routine checks. Sec. Kemp's office found the response unsatisfactory.

Georgia was, in fact, one of the few states that had explicitly declined the federal government’s assistance for election security on the grounds that it violated its state sovereignty.

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