Sen. McKoon to Spearhead return of ‘Religious liberty’ fight in 2017

(AJC) - Ever since Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed a “religious liberty” bill this past spring, advocates on both sides of the issue have predicted its return in 2017.

But, less than a week before lawmakers return to Atlanta, no one is quite sure what will be introduced, only that something will and both sides are gearing for a fight.

“I’m coordinating with the House members and Senate members to see who’s going to introduce legislation and see where everyone is on it,” said state Sen. Josh McKoon, R-Columbus, who has become the most public face of the effort over the past three years. “You’ll see religious freedom bills introduced in both chambers.”

McKoon wants Georgia to join the 21 other states that have similar laws to protect people of faith from what they see as the heavy hand of government. Examples of the bill’s necessity are plentiful, McKoon says, and points to instances where Christian college students have been ordered to end public displays of faith and examples of counties trying to block Muslims from building mosques.


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