Meet Georgia Right To Life’s New Lobbyist

The following is an interview with Jessica DuBois, who was recently named to spearhead Georgia Right to Life's legislative program. She is the daughter of Wayne DuBois, the Georgia Right to Life media relations advisor and operates her own firm-DuBois Government Affairs, LLC.

Q. How did you get involved in lobbying?

A. My dad was a lobbyist for BellSouth. When I was in college, I went on trips with him to California, Florida and Hawaii where his company had business. Seeing the state legislatures and how they work was very exciting to me. I found politics and lobbying fascinating and my passion for them grew.

Q. How did you first get involved in the legislative process?

A. During the 2000 Georgia General Assembly I served as an assistant to the Clerk of the Georgia House of Representatives. That position gave me insight into how the process works, as well as the opportunity to establish relationships with lawmakers.

Q. What was your first lobbying job?

A. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia where I worked with an excellent team of professionals. It was my first role lobbying in healthcare, which I am very passionate about.

Q. What are some of other lobbying positions have you held?

A. Director of Government Affairs for Atlanta-based Duffey Communications, Georgia Senior State Director for the Humane Society of the United States and Associate Director of the Georgia Association of Health Plans.

Q. When did you start your own company?

A. In September and I am very excited about it.

Q. Why are you pro-life?

A. My faith in Jesus Christ tells me that all human life—regardless of age or circumstances—is precious and needs to be valued and protected.


Q. What’s your overall strategy for representing Georgia Right to Life (GRTL)?

A. I would like to work with GRTL leadership in developing an approach that strengthens our relationship with existing legislators who support the work GRTL does, as well as expand that base

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