Introducing Georgia's Newest U.S. Congressman

Election breakdown

Following Congressman Lynn Westmorland's (R) decision not to seek a seventh term serving Georgia's 3rd congressional district two names soon shot to the top of the list as his replacement. State Senator Mike Crane (28th district) and Mayor of West Point Drew Ferguson raced neck and neck into the primary election, in which Crane prevailed by a margin of only 93 votes. However, neither candidate managed to secure a majority of votes, thus forcing the primary to a runoff, in which Ferguson achieved a decisive victory (53.9% to 46.1%). Ferguson then went on to win the General election against Democrat Angela Pendley 68.4% to 31.6%.


In an interview with The Citizen Ferguson introduces himself as "a fourth generation West Pointer, devoted Dawg, graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, family dentist and mayor of my hometown".

During his time as mayor of West Point, Ferguson focused on removing government red tape and increasing ease of business in his town. He holds that this approach to economic development created more than 15,000 new jobs in the local economy.

When questioned about difference between him and his predecessor, Ferguson touted his experience as a mayor and small business owner as giving him a unique perspective as to how federal legislations impact Georgian's at a local level.

Regarding social issues, Fergusons billed himself as a "conservative, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment advocate for smaller, less intrusive government on all levels." Addtionally, he went on to underscore the importance of local issues being addressed by love governmental and civic groups, such as boards of education,chambers of commerce, churches, and families.

A transcript of the full interview can be found HERE››

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