Gwinnett Goes Blue, 517 Write-ins for Bernie, 815 for Stein

One of the most talked about county results in post-election Georgia has come from Gwinnett.

Once a Republican firewall shielding the metro suburbs from Atlanta's deep blue core, Gwinnett County showed a decisive turnout for Clinton on election day. Over 165,000 county residents cast their votes for Hillary, compared to 146,000 for Trump. While Trump ultimately won the state by over 231,000 votes, Democrats are interpreting the Gwinnett results as faint flicker of hope for future elections.

The reliably red county's hard turn to the left looks even harder upon analyzing it's write-in votes. Of the 616 different write-in candidates, 517 votes were cast for the self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders, and another 815 were caste for far-left Green Party Candidate Jill Stein.

The full list of write-ins for Gwinnett can be found HERE

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