Ga Secretary of State Opens Investigation into Voting Machines in FOUR More Counties

(AJC) - Georgia is investigating more reports of voting machines ‘flipping’ voters’ presidential choices, although the problems remain isolated amid what may be a record turnout during the state’s early voting period ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office confirmed to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that it has opened investigations into four additional counties including Baldwin, Clayton, Cobb and Coweta. In each instance, the office received notice from state Democratic officials of an individual voter in each of those counties who reported a problem with an individual machine. Officials removed a machine in Bryan County last week after the AJC reported a similar problem, and that original investigation remains open.

The decision comes as the AJC obtained a letter sent Tuesday by Georgia Democrats in Congress to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Citing the AJC report last week, the letter urges the Justice Department to consider sending poll monitors “or any other election monitoring resource” to Georgia on Election Day. State officials, however, said voters should be confident in an election system that a vast majority of voters have used without a hiccup.


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