Georgia PTA President Petitions Parents to Vote Against OSD Amendment

(Golden Isles News) - Lisa-Marie Haygood, president of the Georgia PTA, met with parents at Glynn Middle School on Thursday and attempted to persuade them to vote against Amendment 1 on Nov. 8.

Amendment 1 is a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow the state to take over struggling schools and place them in the Opportunity School District, which will be led by a superintendent appointed by the governor.

“Whoever the governor is gets to appoint a superintendent of schools,” Haygood said. “That superintendent of schools is only beholden to the governor — not to your local school board, not to the state board of education, not to your elected superintendent of schools over the state of Georgia.”

Gov. Deal proposed the OSD plan, and he has spent the past several months defending the proposal against its many opponents, including the state PTA and many local school boards, including Glynn County’s.

Haygood said the ballot question does not adequately explain what the constitutional amendment would do.

“What you’re going to see when you enter the ballot box is a preamble, and it’s going to say that it provides flexibility and accountability to fix failing schools through community involvement,” she said.

Haygood said if she wasn’t more educated on the issue, she would read that and vote “yes.”


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