Georgia's Ballot Amendment No. 3 Explained

How it's worded:

"Reforms and reestablishes the Judicial Qualifications Commission and The Wording: Reforms and reestablishes the Judicial Qualifications Commission and provides for its composition, governance and powers.

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to abolish the existing Judicial Qualifications Commission require the General Assembly to create and provide by general law for the composition, manner of appointment, and governance of a new Judicial Qualifications Commission, with such commission having the power to discipline, remove, and cause involuntary retirement of judges; require the Judicial Qualifications Commission to have procedures that provide for due process of law and review by the Supreme Court of its advisory opinions; and allow the Judicial Qualifications Commission to be open to the public in some manner?”

WHAT IS IT? The proposed amendment would abolish the Judicial Qualifications Commission, or JQC, and replace it with another committee that would be managed and overseen by the state legislature.

The JQC was established in 1972 as a watchdog group for the purpose of conducting investigations and hearing with respect to complaints of ethical misconduct by Georgia judges

The Commission consists of two judges selected by the Supreme Court of Georgia, three lawyers appointed by the State Bar of Georgia, and two citizens appointed by the Governor. This lack of elected officials within the commission is a top concern for pro-Amendment 3 advocates.

If the amendment passes, the unelected JQC would be abolished and replaced by a Judicial Qualifications Commission formed by the elected members of the Georgia’s General Assembly.

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