Dem. Senatorial Candidate Jim Barksdale Chides Evils of Capitalism on College Radio

In an interview with the University of Georgia student radio station WUOG Democratic Senatorial candidate Jim Barksdale invoked the ghost of the Bernie Sanders campaign in championing himself as a political 'outsider' with a fervent disfavor for capitalism. In the studio Barksdale expresses a lack of faith in 'trickle down economics' and capitalism in general simply stating "it doesn't work". He make no mention of how capitalism mechanisms have worked to grow his multi-million dollar Equity Investment Corporation which now manages over $5 billion in client assets.

Barkesdale goes on to express his discontent with the affordability of higher education. He says he doesn't understand why unsecured student loans should carry interest rates higher than those at which the Government borrows. Shortly after expressing empathy and concern for the financial pressure faced by UGA students, Barkesdale encourages them to support his campaign by visiting his website and donating money.

The full interview can be heard HERE››

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