Opinion: Alinsky's Rules in Action

Hillary’s reaction to the storm of bad reports about her health illuminates clearly not only her usual expected duplicity but, to the casual student of politics, offers the greatest examples of the teachings of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky, in action. It’s there to be seen.

Hillary’s collapsing campaign and her reactions to her negatives, stands as the most truthful example of transparency any adherent of Marxism (Progressive) has ever demonstrated. Saul Alinsky, in his Rules for Radicals actually set forth the standards that should be followed by any group wanting to pull down a government. Here they are:

First, learn the rules of disinformation, i.e.: admit nothing, deny everything and blame somebody else. When challenged, become incredulous and indignant. Foster rumors. Create a straw man. Sidetrack opponents with name calling. Ridicule opponents, question their motives, invoke authority, play dumb (Hillary does this often), associate opponents charges with old news, rely on fall-back positions, claim some problems have no solutions, use Alice in Wonderland Logic, demand complete solutions, fit facts to alternate conclusions, make evidence and witnesses vanish, change the subject, emotionalize, antagonize, goad, ignore facts, demand impossible proofs (re: taxes and health records), create false evidence and call for a Grand Jury or Special Prosecutor on any claim. Manufacture new truths (pneumonia over Parkinson’s), create bigger distractions and silence critics. Have we seen Hillary use any of these rules? Of course we have, daily!

Add to these easy rules, the tactics Saul Alinsky also outlined in his Rules that make them work. “Power,” he said, ”is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have so, never go outside the experience of your people but, whenever possible, go outside the experience of the enemy and make the enemy live up to its own rules.”


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