Georgia Southern University Hits ALL Off-Duty Officers with Gun Restrictions

Georgia Southern University Police Chief Laura McCullough recently sent an email to the officers of her department barring them from carrying firearms, open or concealed, into the school's football stadium. The email reads as follows:


This football season we will be restricting weapons carry by law enforcement officers in Paulson Stadium. Please share this information with those in your office to whom it applies.

No off duty officers, or officers in plain clothes, will be allowed to bring a weapon, open or concealed, into the stadium. Only uniformed officers working the venue will be allowed to carry a weapon and they will be recognizable by special wristbands identifying them as Event Police.

Officers who are on duty and want to drop by the stadium for a short period may do so, but must identify themselves to an Event Police Officer at the gate before entry. We ask that any officer dropping by the stadium use only the gates where a uniformed officer is posted.

Law enforcement officers are allowed to have their weapons in their vehicles as long as they are secured and the officer has proper credential showing permission to carry a weapon.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter. We do hope to see you all at beautiful Paulson Stadium to help us cheer on the Eagles. Also, remember that this Saturday’s game is Military and Law Enforcement Appreciation with special ticket deals for members of Law Enforcement and their families.

Laura McCullough

Chief of Police Georgia Southern University Public Safety

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