Nathan Deal’s ‘Religious Liberty’ Veto Targeted at Cleveland GOP Meeting

( - Cleveland – Gov. Nathan Deal headed back for Atlanta Tuesday after a criminal justice panel and a trip to the convention floor. He’s probably glad he didn’t stay for Wednesday’s breakfast with Georgia’s GOP delegation to the RNC.

The day’s pep talk featured a talk from David and Jason Benham, twins who have built a media empire on the evangelical circuit. And they opened their talk to Georgia’s slate with an attack on the governor’s veto of “religious liberty” legislation that was beloved by blocs of the party’s conservative base.

“We saw what happened in Georgia, and how he caved on this religious liberty bill,” said David Benham, as applause echoed through the hotel ballroom. “My flesh just wants to jump all over him, but I’m looking at pastors – they need to get behind these governors, these sponsors, so they don’t collapse.

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